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ASCE Week is coming to Panama City, Panama! Panama offers unique experiences for everyone! From Panama’s incredible biodiversity and beautiful weather to world-class dining and shopping, Panama offers a wide range of things to do and see.

Top Attractions

During your free time, we encourage you to go explore Panama. Here are some exciting things to do and see:

  • Biomuseo
  • Beaches
  • Municipal Palace
  • Bolivar Museum
  • Old Town Panama City

More Information

Family Activities

There are many tourist activities outside the Canal. There’s an arts market near the intersection of Avenida Arnulfo Arias Madrid and Amador Causeway that often features pieces by the indigenous tribes in the country. The Casco Viejo neighborhood has many preserved buildings from the colonial era, including possibly the oldest standing bridge in the Americas. There are a number of exceptional other buildings as well, including the Iglesia Del Carmen, a gothic cathedral. The BioMuseo is a biodiversity museum designed by Frank Gehry, the architect who designed the Guggenheim Museum and the Walt Disney Concert Hall among others. Taboga Island is a very popular tourist destination – it’s a small volcanic island with wildlife tours and beaches. Access is by boat from Panama City; the normal trip begins at 8:30 AM and costs roughly $15.


The US State Department gives Panama a Level 1 advisory; Level 1 is the lowest/safest level.  By comparison, Canada is 1. For more information on this, please visit the U.S. Department of State’s website.


Although Spanish is the official language spoken in Panama, much of the population speaks English as well.

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